Regulations 2010

Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Culture, Misericordia Pistoia – Italia, Star Cultural Association, House of Culture „Ion Creangă” Tg. Neamt, Targu Neamț City Hall and Neamt County Council held during October 28 to 31, 2010, First edition, Volare International Music Award for Young Talents Tg. Neamț Romania, 2010.

Volare Festival is a contest of interpretation and creation. The competition aims to encourage the creation of songs for children and contribute to an easier discovery and launching of young interpreters of music, Romanian and foreign. The festival also aims to bring to the attention of Romanian and foreign tourists Tg. Neamț, Neamt County, Moldova and Romania so they are known and appreciated abroad.

The contest has three age categories: 6-8 years, 9-11 years, 12-15 years. Each age category will have prizes (where I, II, III) and mentions. The Volare International Trophy will be awarded to a competitor regardless of the age category, which through his evolution has managed to highlight himself. Special awards may be granted depending on the press, radio or television stations and organizations, supported by sponsors.

During The International Festival Volare, prize TI AMO will be offered – the competitor who receives this award will participate directly in the final stage of The TI AMO Festival, Onesti, 2011.


  • Songs must match the peculiarities of age and temperament (music and text) to express concerns and aspirations of children;
  • The performance has to be original, inspired and to delight the audience;
  • Intonation, timbre clearness or distinctness, vocal amplitude;
  • Vocal performance of the song in accordance with age of the child especially regarding the expressiveness of the song and of the lyrics;
  • The clothes for the performance on stage has to be adequate to the age and in accordance with the song;
  • Do not accept songs from the next genres: – ethno, jazz, classical, symphony.


  • The song must be on the first hearing and represents the song chosen at the pre-selection of the interpretation contest.
  • The owners of the song (composer or parents) will send a statement taking the responsability for the above condition;
  • The song and the lyrics must be in accordance with the age of the competitor.
  • The children will be awarded  prizes (the first, the second and the third prize) and the composer will receive a diploma.


The Music will be only on CD, each competitor can send two recorded, positive songs; following the selection, the finalists must send the negative song with a written permission of the composer.

The song selected by the jury will be sung during the contest. The lyrics of the song will be transcribed in Romanian and English (free translation).

On the CD, the following must be mentioned:

  • Surname and first name of the competitor ;
  • Age category;
  • Country;
  • Song titles.

The number of contestants is 10 per age group.

It is compulsory for the competitor to send the following data :

  • Surname and first name of the competitor;
  • Age;
  • Country;
  • Phone numbers in order to be contacted;
  • Date of birth;
  • Name of the songs;
  • Address;
  • Copy of birth certificate belonging to the competitor;
  • Name of the accompanying person for the child (only one person) with the number of Identity card / Passport;
  • A brief description of activity of the competitor (radio-TV, other competitions, other prizes obtained by the competitor) ;
  • A colour close-up photography on paper or jpeg.


The closing date/limit date for receiving the materials necessary for preselection ( CD, lyrics, personal data ) is  01.10.2010.

Widely know songs from the national and international repertoire of adults songs are not accepted.

We will only allow the performance of the sent songs.

Materials sent to auditions not returned.

The negatives can include a backing vocalist but sung different from the melodic line played by competitors (especially the choruses).

Widely circulated belonging to adults national and international repertory songs are not allowed. No music will be allowed from the classical music genres (symphonic, opera, operetta, etc.).

Registration fee is 50 euro to the auditions and will be sent to the account:
BT RO95BTRL02801205D13025XX SUCURSALA Piatra – Neamt, until October 1, 2010, postmark.

A copy of the payment order will be put in the envelope with documents sent to auditions.

The deadline for of materials (CD, lyrics, personal data) of the pre-selection is on the October 1, 2010 postmark, address: Piatra – Neamt O.P. 2 C.P. 207, jud. Neamt, Romania.

Preselection results will be displayed on the festival website and until October 10, 2010.

The competitor must have the written agreement of the composer and lyricist regarding the assignment of the copyright for broadcasting during the festival and after the festival, according to the delivered contract. The composer and lyricist will not lose the copyright for the song.

The competitors accepted and who are the owners of the song are obliged to conclude a contract  through the accompanying person, in this way announcing that they  waiver any material claims regarding the audio-video broadcasting during the festival and after the festival.

The competitors who wil not have a written agreement with the authors of the song, must send a notary public document. This document  has the role of compulsory  regulation for the competitors and obliged them to bear the material claims in case that  authors of the song requested such kind of claims.

Vocal groups are not allowed in the competition.

The non-observance of these requirements entails the elimination of competitor from this contest.

The organizers offer the accommodation for the competitor plus one accompanying person during the entire period of staying in Romania.  The foreign delegations who will come by plane (on the Bacău International Airport) will be taken over by the organizers from their arrival places. The details will be settled by phone or by e-mail. The accompanying person of the foreign competitor will announce the precise date and the arrival place in Romania, in order to be taken over by the organizers.

The arrival of the foreign competitors in Tg. Neamț will be on October 28, 2010 and the departure from Tg. Neamț will be on November 01, 2010 at 8 a.m.

Accommodation for the competitor and of the jury takes place The Social – Cultural Center ”Saint Paisius from Neamț” – for additional information  address

Accommodation places are limited. If there are more people who wish to accompany participants please mention until October 1, 2010 the exact number of participants.

Rates and lodging attendants / day: 75 euro/zi.

The decisions of the contest Jury and of the preselection Jury shall be irrevocable and final.  No contests/disputes are allowed.

For additional information, please contact the phone: 0040 732849687 or 0040 756550526 or by  Internet using the following email ; WEB:


President of the Volare International Music Award for Young Talents


Peace Ambassador , Honory Vice President Wafa

Here you have the documents that you need to print, complete and send along with the materials for the preselection.

Competitor Information (PDF)

Competitor Information (DOC)

Liability statement (PDF)

Liability statement (DOC)

Song Information (PDF)

Song Information (DOC)

Waiver (PDF)

Waiver (DOC)

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